giacomo giardiniEugenio Colombo is a brand by Giardini Edizioni Srl a company specialized in manufacturing and marketing of textile wallcoverings.
It was established in year 2000 as a new division of the same family: company Giardini Ltd, founded in 1872, dealing with international investment and various sectors of trade and industry.
Eugenio Colombo is to succeed into the most classic style and traditional design. Its line mostly represents the kind of materials and pattern style, characterizing the birth of the "wallcovering division" which made the success of the
company and built the reputation of Giardini over the years.
Its textile jacquards are manufactured with different natural raw materials, as well as precious yarns such as silk and velvet, together with a wide assortment of different techniques such as printed warp, and innovative printed textiles. 
Manufacturing is made by Giardini Produzioni srl, strictly 100% made in Italy.