Slovin Chiropractic Center in Norwalk CT Addresses Back and Neck Pain After An Auto Accident

Slovin Chiropractic Center in Norwalk CT Addresses Back and Neck Pain After An Auto Accident

Professional Back and Pain Care for Auto Accident Victims

Norwalk, CT - May 1, 2018 - The Slovin Chiropractic Center provides neck and back relief for auto-accident victims. Led by Dr. Erik and Brenda Slovin, the Center is committed to excellence in tackling pain, pressure and whiplash stemming from car wreck accidents. In fact, Dr. Erik and Dr. Brenda utilize a natural, holistic approach to restoring optimal mobility, balance and flexibility for all patients.

Auto accidents can result in mild to extensive bodily injuries. This includes back sprains and wrenches, along with head impact and especially whiplash. While some victims experience pain right away, others can feel the effects of car accidents days or weeks later. Still, it is important to visit the Slovin Chiropractic Center to receive a full body and neurological exam by the Slovins.

As always, the Clinic provides therapeutic massages, which help alleviate pain and distress. Similarly, they take plenty of scans and imaging to pinpoint and resolve all auto-related pain and discomfort. From manual adjustments to machine-assisted therapies, the Slovins have the tools, experience and expertise to help you get your life and mobility back.

Even the slightest fender-bender can result in excruciating pain and disharmony. With this in mind, the Slovins check for any back and neck abnormalities after accidents. This includes swelling, along with possible stretched or torn ligaments. They also address any muscular mobility problems, as well as all types of chiropractic care and pain remedies.

For more information, simply contact the Slovin Chiropractor Center for a complimentary consultation. You can also visit their site and access the many services they offer for patients of all ages.

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